This is not another self-improvement book. Keep It Moving: Get Ready, S*E*T*, Go! is a dynamic lifestyle management book. Written in basic, clear, down-to-earth language, to be used as your first step to developing your inborn and learned skills, making life changes, and setting and reaching your goals. It is a lifestyle management program for self-enhancement with a new interactive learning experience called S*E*T* Management Strategies.

The concept of S*E*T* is that it combines one’s self, environment, and time with the ability to achieve and succeed. S*E*T* offers systems, solutions, and inspiration with motivation as well as individual participation. It’s dedicated to the whole person and the uniqueness of that person.

Be that individual with enough self-reliance and discipline to go through with change and alter your life. Take the positive actions presented in this book and find your new, amazing, awesome self.

As an aspiring new author, Michele also focuses on being a certified life coach, certified time management coach and motivational speaker. God has blessed her to be a blessing.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.


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